I am a designer

I started my career as an illustrator but soon learned that it’s not all about the pretty pictures.  I wanted to bring my other abilities into the process… to be a designer.  My mentor, Bo Costello, taught me how to take a complex set of elements and organize them into a beautiful concept.  It takes time to develop a special perception and curiosity about how this process of creative concept work.


Former President and Chief Creative Officer At WCH Marketing Communications, Dean has over 35 years of professional design experience. Dean received his B.F.A. from the College of the Dayton Art Institute and later served as an instructor in graphic design. His professional experience includes work for numerous large corporate clients including ITW, Alcoa, Mastic, Vulcan-Hart, WOLF, Mike-sell's Snack Foods and the DDN. Creating brand identity, design for print, film, web, interactive media, 3-D construction, restaurant design, and his own memorable brand of illustration.  His work has won received recognition from Communication Arts, Clios, Telly Awards and the Dayton Advertising and Art Directors Club, among others. Active in the Dayton community, Dean is a member of the American Advertising Federation-Dayton, The AIGA and former officer of the Art Directors Club.

I really love what I do.

One of the best parts of the whole design process is the moment when you present a concept to a client and you see this look of excitement on their face. The moment of truth, when the client says “that's it, you've listened, it's unique and memorable. It's part self satisfaction but also pride in knowing you've interpreted someone's vision.

The designer’s process is strategic.

My preoccupation with strategy and positioning runs counter to how many people perceive
designers.  The quest for in-depth information is so relevant to bringing that ‘Aha! Moment.’ What do I believe in? Creativity needs strategy. Strategy needs creativity.  Creativity is important. But creativity isn’t the complete answer to accomplishing business objectives.  It's only half of the equation. I believe in solving the problem and that great ideas by their nature are very strategic yet simple at their core.  Creativity and strategy must work in harmony.